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From the small village Nederland in the Netherlands, Weerribben Zuivel supplies organic dairy produce made using traditional methods to guarantee a distinguishing taste, structure and quality. The dairy farm belongs to family De Lange and is found on the border of the most beautiful park in the Netherlands, National Park de Weerribben-Wieden. Across the bridge, along the Stork’s nest and then straight on, through cane fields, grasslands and water and in-between some trees. Family de Lange choose to adapt their company to the environment, relying on organic farming. Next to the farm the organic milk from the farm is processed using traditional methods conform current quality standards.

Klaas de Lange: “My dad and I decided to convert our family farm to organic. This way of farming fits well with our unique environment. There is abundant wildlife, including many different species of birds living in our fields and meadows. Weerribben Zuivel works together with Bird Protection Netherlands (Vogelbescherming Nederland) to create fields with many herbs and flowers, where our cows graze, the birds breed and where their youngsters can grow up safely. This way we protect the unique landscape of National Park Weerribben-Wieden. In the colder months when the fields are wet and there is almost no grass on it, our cows stay in a large stable. When we built this stable, we spent a great deal of effort on ‘cow comfort’ and animal welfare. For example, the cows can choose when they want to be milked. The products of Weerribben Zuivel are made according to traditional methods as much as possible. Production methods are very similar to those used in the past. This way we give the products the time they need to develop their unique taste and structure."

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"Pure in Dairy. We are pure in origin, pure in quality, pure in our story. We are Zuiver Zuivel."

Our name says it all: we want to be pure in everything we do. Zuiver Zuivel stands for animal welfare, a beautiful landscape, a clean earth and fair trade. We bring this into practice by working with biodynamic dairy farmers who treat their cows and soils respectfully. We are leaders in sustainable operations: all our milk comes from the Netherlands, our products are climate-neutral and the factory runs on green power. You can taste the results in our dairy products including butter and cheese with a Demeter certification. Zuiver Zuivel is a brand with exclusively products of biodynamic quality, supplied by 25 unique biodynamic family farms that are continuously under development.

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